Lacrosse, the fastest sport on two feet!

    Fédération de crosse du QuébecLa Fédération de crosse du Québec (Quebec Lacrosse Federation) welcomes you to its official web site. For lacrosse enthusiasts, whether you are an amateur or professional, you will find on this site all the information that you need in order to follow our news and learn about the latest developments.

    Lacrosse is a team sport of Native American origin where players use a lacrosse stick to get a ball across the opponent’s goal line. Codified in 1867, lacrosse and its different types (field lacrosse, intercrosse and women’s lacrosse) bring together sport enthusiasts who wish to take up their positions, along with reliable and competent coaches and managers.

    It is with this objective that La Fédération de crosse du Québec regulates and promotes the sport of lacrosse in Quebec in order to offer all participants quality educational and sports experiences. Founded in 1970 and incorporated the following year, La Fédération has several mandates, however its main focus is to provide all of its affiliates the necessary resources for the proper practice of lacrosse in Quebec.


    Fédération de crosse du Québec

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    • ABOUT US

      Fédération de crosse du QuébecOur Values: Transparency - Integrity - Rigour

      For La Fédération de crosse du Québec it is important to practice lacrosse under optimal conditions that favour safety and supervision. Each association, club, league or network affiliated with La Fédération as a member, is entitled to such benefits that include the passionate involvement of our stakeholders, the status of ‘Canada's national sport’ and even access to the North American professional network.

      In addition, each member participates, through its affiliation, to the development of lacrosse throughout the world, in accordance with the procedures and safety standards.