Team Quebec U15

The Quebec Lacrosse Federation, in partnership with the regional Lacrosse Associations, is proud to announce the 22 players nominated to represent the Quebec at the 2018 U15 Canadian Championship (Alumni Cup) in Oshawa, Ontario, from August 30 to September 2.

Quebec U15 formation includes two goalies, 6 defensemen, 5 forwards and 9 Midfields

Goalie - Zachary Handfield (Mustangs Selects)

Goalie – Raphael Léger (Centurions Rive-sud / Vortex École Gérard-Filion)

Déf- Rémy Villeneuve (Centurions Rive-sud / Vortex École Gérard-Filion / Mustangs Selects)

Déf- Benjamin Clément (Kodiaks Rive-nord / Mustangs Selects)

Déf- Brandon Bériault (Broncos École Baie St-Francois)

Déf- Steven Dupont-Tardif (Centurions Rive-sud / Vortex École Gérard-Filion)

Déf- Aléxis Noiseaux (College Brébeuf)

Déf/Lsm- Willyam Gendron (Kodiaks Rive-nord / Mustangs Selects)

Mid/Lsm- Anthony Boileau (Collège Brébeuf / Lynx Westmount)

Mid -Samuel Morin (Centurions Rive-sud / Vortex École Gérard-Filion / Mustangs Selects)

Mid-Tristan Leblanc (Centurions Rive-sud / Broncos École Baie St-Francois)

Mid-Liam Plourde (Centurions Rive-sud / Mustangs Selects)

Mid-Félix Desbiens (Kodiaks Rive-nord/ Mustangs Selects)

Mid-Nico Greer (Kodiaks Rive-nord / Mustangs Selects)

Mid-Jack Landendhein (Westmount Lynx)

Mid-Dylan Molinaro (Centurions Rive-sud)

Mid/Att- Justin Veilleux (Kodiaks Rive-nord / Mustangs Selects)

Att-Kenshin Fontain (Centurions Rive-sud / Mustangs Selects)

Att-Xavier Fisk (Alexander Galt Sherbrooke)

Att-Thomas Gaudreault (Centurions Rive-sud / Vortex École Gérard-Filion)

Att-Emmeth Legault (Centurions Rive-sud / WILA / Beaconsfield High School)

Att-Anthony Capela (Kodiaks Rive-nord / Mustangs Selects


These players were selected by the Quebec Lacrosse Federation management and coaching staff led by Francis Cloutier.

It is a opportunity to put on the Quebec jersey and to represent their Province with great honour and pride in order to highlight all the development efforts put in place in the last few years.

Congratulations to all the nominated players!



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