Team Quebec U18

The Quebec Lacrosse Federation, in partnership with the regional Lacrosse Associations, is proud to announce the 22 players nominated to represent the Quebec at the 2018 U18 Canadian Championship (First Nations trophy) in Oshawa, Ontario, from August 30 to September 2 .

Quebec U18 formation includes 2 goalkeepers, 6 defensemen, 5 forwards and 9 Midfields

Goalie – Sebastien Elie (College Brébeuf / Mustangs Selects)

Goalie – Antoine Farand (Externat Sacré-Cœur)

Déf- Thomas Godbout  (Kodiaks Rive-nord / Mustangs Selects)

Déf- Edward Côté (Collège Brébeuf / Mustangs Selects)

Déf- Olivier Pomerleau (Collège Brébeuf / Mustangs Selects)

Déf- Jérôme Guay (Kodiaks Rive-nord / Mustangs Selects)

Déf/Lsm- Terence Chayer (Kodiaks Rive-nord / Mustangs Selects)

Déf/Lsm-  Charles-Antoine Dugas (Collège Brébeuf / Mustangs Selects)

Mid- Kaiden Murphy (Centurions Rive-sud / Howard S. Billings High School))

Mid- Tye Middleton (Westmount Lynx)

Mid- Payne Mcgowan (Kahnawake Hunters)

Mid- Jérémi Phéonix-Lefebvre (Kodiaks Rive-nord / Mustangs Selects)

Mid- Simon Olivier Hébert (Centurions Rive-sud / Mustangs Selects)

Mid- Martin Lefebvre ( Memphrés de Magog / Mustangs Selects / Collège Stanstead)

Mid- Charles-Antoine Boudreau (Centurions Rive-sud, Vortex École Gérard-Filion)

Mid/Att- Mathis Coulliard (Kodiaks Rive-nord / Mustangs Selects)

Mid/Att- Aléxis Simard (Kodiaks Rive-nord / Mustangs Selects)

Att- Connor Holland (Nepean Knights / Mustangs Selects)

Att- Austin Nichols (Kodiaks Rive-nord / Mustangs Selects)

Att- Zachary Miller (Kodiaks Rive-nord / Mustangs Selects)

Att- Léo Longtin (Collège Brébeuf / Mustangs Selects)

Att- Bénédic Jobin (Kodiaks Rive-nord / Mustangs Selects)


These players were selected by the Quebec Lacrosse Federation management.

It is a opportunity to put on the Quebec jersey and to represent there Province with great honour and pride in order to highlight all the development efforts put in place in the last few years.

Congratulations to all the nominated players!




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